15 Boardman Place (across from the Hall of Justice)
San Francisco, California

Mark your calendars! Thursday, November 10, 2005 sometime around 8PM will mark the one month (minus 1 day) anniversary of The Blog and the opening shot of The Launch Party to End All Launch Parties here in San Franciso.

So, clear your calendars, make your plane and hotel reservations, and get ready to party like its 1999. There will be schmoozing. There will be beatiful people. But, there will be NO demoing of your products! (who do you think we are? TechCrunch?!) We?ll being doing all the monetizing, thank you very much.

Oh, and there won?t be an open bar, because this is Web 2.0- we?re lean and mean, ya know? Please come help us pretend we have a business plan or at least a future.

Location to be denounced. Watch this space for updates!

The Supr.c.ilio.us Team.

Yes, we?re serious.

Added by ryansking on October 31, 2005



Serious, you're not serious. Ure silly!


We're serious in a silly way. Or is that silly in a serious way? Maybe we should buy supr.s.erio.us, you know just to convince people we mean business!


Clearly you're the Super Silliest! Is it not? Don't let us down. And for the love of dog have it at a place that'll extend happy hour prices an extra hour.


Ted, if you know of such a wonderful place, do let us know!


Doc's Clock did it for me before. Just call ahead. Maybe Cafe Du Nord if it's quiet that night. Maybe Thee Parkside. Il Piratta maybe. Annie's maybe. Man, all this bar talk is making me thirsty.


I say Toronado!


There'll never be enough room at thte T for the crowds of millions we expect to show up...


Thee Parkside would be awesome.


Just call up any bar that doesn't normally have a crowd at 7:30 yet is big. Of course they'll be happy to have your 5 or 6 stragglers (I kid! I kid!) and then see if they could do some drink specials at a friendly price. ;>

Madrone Lounge in Lower Haight is also big enough but SUCKY parking.

The Eagles Drift Inn beside the old Wired building would also be a good place to have it. Watering hole of web 0.5 and other sanity-saving revolutions.


Thee Parkside is very web 1.0 friendly, the _don't_ have wi-fi, they _do_ sell high life in 7oz bottles, they _do_ play non electronic music, they have an analog version of pong called a "pingpong table" and a nice niman ranch burger for $7, though all you true web 1.0 afficionados know well that a $10 burrito tastes better.


I think we may have a location, thanks to Laughing Squid. Stay tuned.


Be forewarned, peeps -- Annie's is not a very large locale. Although I'm sure we'll do just fine stumbling in and out.

It's too bad you're not having this on Tuesday... Annie's turns into a Karaoke bar on Tuesday nights ;)


FYI: Karaoke is the source of all evil.


Karaoke! Karaoke! Karaoke! When Horsepigcow has a party, there WILL be Karaoke.


I'll bring cake! Wait, no I wont.

irina slutsky

wear your best tshirt, i'll be taping for a vlog


Vlog Whore! I bet it'll be on current.tv oh wait Al Gore.. He invented the electric interweb version 1.2. Dammit! I'll bring the coke, i mean cake. Stop raping me with your lens.


For all those that be wanting the karaoke and are planning on migrating uphill, there's open arms at Lamia on 4th and Geary after.