85 E 4th St
New York, New York 10003

The Rising Sun Performance Company 'The Last Supper,' the New York City stage adaptation premiere of the 1995 cult film by Dan Rosen. The show is double cast with 26 performers who will rotate throughout the 18 week run. The Last Supper' follows a group of liberal minded roommates, and their well-meaning descent into murder. After a dinner party goes wrong and their guest ends up unexpectedly slain after a violent political debate, the group decides that this can be their way of changing the world and making a difference...one "unreasonable" conservative at a time. They begin inviting guests over for dinner and political discussion. If they can't change their guest's mind through "intelligent" conversation and debate, they end their lives "humanely" by poisoning them. With each dinner, and the bodies mounting, the roommate's relationships to one another and reality quickly begin to unravel.

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