5515 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90036

The music of The Knife will be performed from a stage for the first time ever. These performances will be accompanied by the images of Andreas Nilsson, which will take the form of various projections along with different kinds of constructions.

Andreas Nilsson gives his description:

"In the first performances by The Knife the role played by the visuals is rather big. Their purpose is to somehow represent the dramatic enacting a performance ideally should encompass, but which The Knife would rather not engage in.

Our aim is to find and enhance the tone of the music, especially where it's presently at with the apocalyptic record Silent Shout.

Karin and Olof will be placed in an altering video-landscape between solid and transparent images. These images will content-wise bring forth the mood that is the ordinary and the simple, but at the same time with an underlying subliminal feeling of that which we run from. A pretty harsh vision.

One interesting aspect of their music is the way in which The Knife work with different characters of singing. These will be visualized by reinforcing The Knife with two individuals of unknown origin. Bred under hypnosis."

Official Website: http://www.theknife.net

Added by ccruse on August 7, 2006



I need a ticket! Two tickets actually! If anyone has any - I was late to online purchasing, but I badly want to go to this show! With my girl. :-D


I need 2 tickets too!


So there's no actual reviews out there beyond the pre hype right? I'm a bit apprehensive that this could just be another Fisherspooner act, who weren't that impressive visually. But either way, I'd of course love a ticket if anyone has an extra (just 1).