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from the kreegers website
Inside the Artists' Studio
Jim Sanborn & Jae Ko

Wednesday, October 24
12 - 2 pm at the Artists' Georgetown Studio
Tickets $10 / Members: Free.
Call 202-338-3552 for reservations.

Above: Kryptos, 1990, Jim Sanborn.
Below: Untitled (JK180), 2002, Jae Ko.
Images courtesy of the artists.

Although they share a studio, Jim Sanborn and Jae Ko's works are opposite in focus. Jae Ko's pieces consist of simple materials such as papers, inks and glues, subjected to processes of alchemy where they re-emerge as beautiful folds and arcs. Jim Sanborn is noted for his work with American stone and related materials that evoke a sense of mystery and the forces of nature. He is probably best known for the "Kryptos" sculpture installed at CIA Headquarters in 1990. The encrypted messages which continue to stump code-breakers to this day. Both artists ahve exhibited extensively and have received significant recognition.


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