1436 Howard Street
San Francisco, California

In anticipation of the upcoming iPhoneDevCamp, join us for this first networking session of "The iPhone Network Lounge" @PariSoMa. Carlos Icaza of Ansca will be presenting a revolutionizing iPhone tool for designers and developers alike. Refreshments will be served.

Why you should come ? Because you’ll be among the first in the country to discover Ansca’s software, which recently made the news around the world:

This is a networking event for iPhone lovers, including designers, developers and web developers.

This is a free event, organized by Bamboudesign and hosted by PariSoMa Coworking Space.

Program :

iPhone Development for Designers
Carlos Icaza, co-founder of Ansca

Mobile devices, led by the iPhone, are the next design frontier. Find out how the new innovative software from Ansca will empower you to create native iPhone applications in Lua, a scripting language similar to JavaScript and ActionScript. Unleash the creative potential of mobile and get a live demo on building an iPhone app in a matter of minutes! And learn how others have used Ansca to create native iPhone applications within days.

More info :

About the speaker: Carlos Icaza
Co-founder of Ansca, Carlos has more than 20 years of engineering and management experience. Carlos managed various teams at Adobe including Flash Lite, Flash Mobile Authoring, and Flash Cast. He was responsible for creating and developing Adobe's entire mobile authoring strategy, now deployed across the entire Adobe Creative Suite.
Learn more about Carlos and Ansca at http://www.anscamobile.com.

PariSoMa is a coworking space in San Francisco that provides desks, wifi and coffee to independents and startups. Our goal is to work as a platform for communities to foster innovation, collaboration and collective intelligence.

Bamboudesign is a San Francisco-based company that designs and develops mobile applications and websites, in particular for the iPhone. Using a human-centered design methodology, combined with an expertise in natural (touch) user interface design, the company delivers products that meet usability, effectiveness and aesthetic standards.
Learn more about Bamboudesign at http://www.bamboudesign.com.

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