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You’ve got a killer iPhone or iPad application idea, now what do you need to know to get it built? How do you expand your web app or phone app knowledge? The iPhone iPad Summit covers a range of iOS topics from coding to UX. Developers in this new mobile space will get up-to-speed with speakers on the cutting edge of mobile development:

* Alasdair Allan, author of “Learning iPhone Programming”
* Suzanne Ginsburg, author of “Designing the iPhone User Experience”
* Jonathan Stark, author of “Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript”
* Simon St. Laurent, author of “Learning Rails”
* Dan Rubin, author of “Pro CSS Techniques”
* Simon St. Laurent, author of “Learning Rails”
* David Kaneda, creator of jQTouch & curator of WebKitBits
* Josh Clark, author of "Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps"

Explore case studies, design and coding strategies, and ways to maximize the capabilities of iOS4. A must for any iOS developer! Sessions include:

* iPhone Face Detection
* iPhone Offline Mode
* HTML5 Client-side Data Storage
* iOS & the User Experience
* iPhone & PhoneGap
* Mobile Design with CSS3
* iPad & Sencha Touch
* Designing iPhone Interfaces

A few Early Bird tickets are available, only $149 for an individual ticket or $449 for a meeting room ticket. more information and to order tickets, see:

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