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Arlington, Texas 76011

The International Cat Association (TICA) 2008 Annual Cat Show sponsored by Royal Canin.

Cats from around the world will compete in the championship cat, kitten, alter, household pet and household pet kitten divisions, vying for the title of Best of the Best at the end of the show.

Local cat rescue groups will be on hand with cats available for adoption.

Cats and kittens will compete in the International Cat Agility Tournaments (ICAT) competition. They will have to weave through obstacles, jump through hoops, and run through tunnels trying to achieve the cleanest run and fastest time for cash prizes.

TICA’s 2008 Annual Cat Show will also feature:

--Show Down at the ICAT Corral cat agility fundraiser featuring two teams of cats and local celebrities such as Terry King of KVIL 103.7 lite fm and a Fort Worth Cats team member
--Cats for adoption through the Humane Society of North Texas and Little Orphan Angels
--First Annual www.PURRsonals.com Super Star Cat Photo Contest
--Speakers including veterinarians; Carla Person, animal communicator and author; in addition to breeders, groomers and judges from the cat fancy
--Exciting new breeds including the Toyger, Savannah, Thai, Kurillian Bobtail and Peterbald will be on hand
--More than forty breeds competing including Maine Coons, Munchkins, Siamese, Scottish Folds, Russian Blues, Ragdolls, Sphynx, British Shorthairs, Havanas, Persians, Bengals, Abyssinians, Turkish Vans and many more
--A Parade of Champions recognizing the highest-scoring Championship cat in each breed competing at the show
--Best of the Best - top five cats, kittens, alters, household pets and household pet kittens are recognized
--Many vendors selling toys, supplies, jewelry, artwork, and more for the cat and cat lover alike
--Breeders from around the world, many with kittens for sale.

Profits from TICA’s 2008 Annual Cat Show are donated to non-profit cat rescue
and humane societies from the Dallas Ft-Worth area.

TICA’s 2008 Annual Cat Show is sponsored by Royal Canin, manufacturer of all-natural cat foods. Other sponsors include Worlds Best Litter, www.purrsonals.com, and ReturnMoi. To learn more about TICA’s 2008 Annual Cat Show visit

About International Cat Agility Tournaments (ICAT)
International Cat Agility Tournaments (ICAT) is devoted to creating a new category of
cat competition in which cats negotiate an obstacle course designed to display their
speed, coordination, beauty of movement, physical conditioning, intelligence,
training, and the quality and depth of their relationship with their owner, who trains
with them and guides them through the course. To learn more visit

Proceeds from the show will benefit the Humane Society of North Texas plus other local cat rescue groups.

Location: Arlington Convention Center, Arlington, Texas
Dates: August 30 - 31, 2008
Times: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Cheryl Hogan
817 456 8007

Debra Decker
TICA Marketing
817 371 7194
[email protected]
Cat breed photographs and videos are available upon request.

Web sites:
TICA 2008 Annual Cat Show - www.tica2008.com
The International Cat Association – www.TICA.org
International Cat Agility Tournaments - www.catagility.com
Royal Canin – www.royalcanin.com
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Official Website: http://www.tica2008.com

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