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Internet, Arizona

Along with members of the Web Standards Project, we are proud to announce the launch of InterACT With Web Standards, a book that brings all aspects of web design together for teachers and students.

To celebrate the release of the book, several of the expert contributors come together online to give mini-tutorials in their fields of expertise:

• Learning More Effectively on the Web - Denise Jacobs
• Content Strategy - Glenda Sims
• HTML5 - Chris Mills
• CSS3 - Aarron Walter
• Accessibility - Derek Featherstone
• InterACT in the Classroom - Leslie Jensen-Inman

This event is free for students and educators, so we expect tickets to go fast. Reserve your space now!

PLEASE NOTE: you must register on the eventbrite site (listed above) in order to reserve your seat. Thanks, and see you at The Summit!

Added by e4h on May 25, 2010