118 S. Main
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103

This will be a brief introduction of 15 minutes or so, followed by an open-format discussion among all attendees.

We'll be discussing a new business model several of the Members of Workantile Exchange have been exploring recently, which is inspired by independent film production companies but intended for projects that are not necessarily films. The business structure is different from most entrepreneurial models, since the goal is not to start a long-lived business or get a job, but to get a project done as an ad hoc group, distribute credit and revenue, and move on past "distribution" as a group of independent collaborators with no long-term affiliation.

Louise Levison's book Filmmakers and Financing: Business Plans for Independents (Fifth Edition) has been the basis of our discussions so far. You might want to pick up a copy at Amazon or elsewhere so we can chat about the advice she presents.

Our central goal is to discuss the similarities and contrasts between the worklife we want to support as independents, and the traditional modes of "Startup Culture" and development-driven business. As a rule, we're more focused on launching and completing diverse projects collaboratively, without needing to start companies or products. We're software developers, independent journalists and authors, nonprofits, creatives, geeks, suits, investors... all sorts of people. Even filmmakers.

We'll talk about the prospects of financing, business risks, management techniques, and intellectual property and contract law implications of what to many folks is an interesting but unfamiliar business model.

Filmmakers with real experience in funding and production are encouraged to drop in and help us out!

Bring your own lunch.

Added by Workantile on July 1, 2009