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Exclusive release of the May Diageo/The Hotline Poll

This month's Diageo/The Hotline Poll conducted by FD will examine recent polls of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans on a variety of issues, including the front-runners in the 2008 presidential election and head-to-head match-ups among the top candidates. Will Obama and Edwards continue to do better against Giuliani and McCain than Clinton? With under 18 months to go, how engaged are voters in the election?

Amy Walter, incoming Editor in Chief of The Hotline, will moderate a lively briefing with Democratic pollster and FD Managing Director Ed Reilly and GOP Strategist Ed Rollins. Walter and The Hotline Senior Editor John Mercurio will take a look at the 110th Congress, leadership battles and the state of play on Capitol Hill, and the 2008 presidential campaign. All attendees will receive a copy of the latest Diageo/The Hotline Poll before it's released to the public.

Added by edtrelinski on May 17, 2007