444 Jessie St.
San Francisco, California

Added by excessively on August 20, 2007



I think the venue is supposed to be: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/venue/81431/

Not crazy about the Hold Steady but love love love Art Brut live.


Ah, I just used the oldest venue # in the Upcoming database.. 58492 vs. 81431. Same venue, yes? :)


No problem, I'm just nitpicking anyway!


Venue change! I just got this email.

"Hello, this is Ticketbastard Customer Service with an important alert for your upcoming event. Hold Steady and Art Brut scheduled at Warfield on Tuesday, November 6, 2007, at 8:00pm, has changed to a new venue. The event will now take place at the Mezzanine, located at 444 Jessie Street, San Francisco, CA, same time & date. Original tickets will be honored for the new venue."


I guess tickets aren't selling well?


Anyone know if you can buy tickets at the Mezzanine, and bypass Ticketmonster?