10 Hill Sqaure
Edinburgh, Scotland EH8 9DW

In the world or modern web development we can no longer consider the browser as the end point of our product which is our content. More and more devices and applications are being released that can access our information and more importantly do not even require a browser to do so.

For The Highland Fling 2008 we're bringing into focus how the landscape is changing. API's, desktop apps, ambient devices, mobile and much more are helping us break out of the browser and potentially reaching an entire new audience as a result.

How do we embrace this, how do we take our existing skill set and transpose it into new mediums? How do we expand our skill set? What is our skill set going to be? Where is it all going?

The Highland Fling 2007 focused on the topic of progressive enhancement which is not only at the very essence of best practice web development but also at the heart of bleeding edge web development. This year I want to focus on where we are going and what the future holds for us all and the information we care so much about.


Christian Heilmann
Aral Balkan
Paul Boag
Chris Mills
Simon Willison
Gareth Rushgrove


Early Bird: £99.00
Standard: £125.00

A limited number of tickets have been allocated for early bird prices, be sure and register quickly if you want to get one.

Official Website: http://thehighlandfling.com

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