459 Clementina Street
San Francisco, California 94103

Comedian Heather Gold reinvents the jalopy known as the talk show live from Luscious Garage. With just a theme, 3 diverse guests, and the people formerly known as the audience (that’s you), Heather puts life up on the lift (literally!) and looks under the hood.

"a talk show San Francisco-style...delivers genuine conversation." - SF Weekly
"frequently funny...[n]o talking heads, no sniping, no snarking." - San Francisco Chronicle
"utterly inspiring" - Rhodessa Jones, founder Medea Project

Nov. 9th: Earnestness: The current importance of being earnest. How can we create believability in our corrupt and chronically insincere politics? What exists outside the quotation marks?

Heather conversates with Larry Lessig founder of Creative Commons Stanford Law Professor and political corruption revolutionary Curtis Reliford (named American Red Cross' American Good Samaritan for his post-Katrina work), comedian and anti-dealth penalty advocate Andre the Wonderwoman and you.
Show: 8-9:30
Afterparty: 9:30-11:00

Buy Tix: @ heathergold.com or call 1.800.838.3006
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$15 lube tech
$30 greasemonkey (sponsor someone)
$110 season warranty
To bake or volunteer and see the show for free;
To sponsor show/podcast + enjoy green room fun
email subvert at subvert dot com to arrange.

Secure parking nearby at 5th + Clementina. Please use public transport or bike when possible and save the air.

Listen and subscribe to the show's podcast.

Past guests include: inventor of CorningWare and fitted sheets and Sara Little Turnbull, Dr. Lillian Rubin, novelist Michelle Tea, Flickr cofounder Caterina Fake, Darfur survivor Elijah Riek, comic Betsy Salkind (The Tonight Show), Dave Chappelle opener W. Kamau Bell, reality hacker Harmon Leon, web and community design pioneer Derek Powazek, ex San Francisco 49ers running back Dr. Jamie Williams.

Official Website: http://www.heathergold.com

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Longest event name ever!


We're experimenting with ustream for the first time. If you can't make it, tune in at http://www.heathergold.com between 8-9:30PST for a live stream. There won't be cupcakes this way, but it'll still be cool.


What a great event, full of really smart, thought-provoking dialog in a very cool venue. (... and now I know to bring my hybrid to Luscious Garage!) Thank you Heather for putting on such a worthwhile event. I look forward to next month's.