2033 N Pinal Ave
Casa Grande, Arizona

The Haunted Hacienda of Casa Grande is a historic mystery. This story began in 1943 on one of the local farm not far from Casa Grande. An old man, his wife and his two kids had lived there for over 33 years. The old man fell behind on his mortgage and could no longer pay so the bank sought to sell the farm. The old farmer did something the entire town would never forget.

As the story goes the old farmer went into town and would pick up supplies at the local hardware store. One day they realized the farmer had stopped his normal routine and decided to check on the family. It was a fall evening much like today. When they got to the farm everything seemed to be normal. As they tapped on the window they could make out someone lying on the floor under the dim moonlight coming through an open back door in the hacienda. As they approached the back door they heard a loud scream and saw something so terrifying they told the story only once in 1967 before they disappeared. The entire family had been killed and the wife’s spirit is said to be lingering amongst the hacienda still today. The old farmer was never found.

Official Website: http://www.thehauntedhacienda.com/

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