Elephant and Castle
London, England SE1 6SB

EcoLabs, with the support of the London College of Communication, presents a panel discussion...

"Does illustration and graphic design have a role to play in climate change? Images can function as powerful tools when they communicate not only the psychological dynamics of the issues - but also the science of climate change to the non-expert mind. How illustrators and designers rise to the challenge of communicating the most essential messages in an era of environmental crisis - is on the agenda of this cross-disciplinary panel discussion. This panel is presented by EcoLabs, a new ecological literacy initiative, and supported by the London College of Communication. It follows a recent article in Varoom magazine: 'The Greening of Illustration' by EcoLabs founder Jody Boehnert. Panellists will include figures from design journalism, academia, radical and mainstream illustration and design, climate change activists and the scientific community."

£7/£10/£20 sliding scale price

Official Website: http://eco-labs.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=32&Itemid=46

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