London, England

Location: outside the Olympia Conference Centre, London (Kensington (Olympia) tube), from 12 noon.

October will see at least two major conferences in London aimed at businesses who want to get a slice of the action in Iraq: 'Doing Business in Iraq' (13th -14th October); and 'Reconstructing Iraq' (27th - 28th October).

US and UK companies have already been awarded lucrative contracts and stand to profit still further now that the US and Britain control Iraq's oil revenues. According to a senior US adviser, 'the privatisation of dozens of Iraqi companies is likely to begin within the next year' (FT, 8 June 03). The future of Iraq's economy is a matter for the Iraqi people and not the US and British governments or US/UK corporations. We are demanding that Iraq's people be allowed to determine their own economic future - and to control their own natural resources - free from foreign interference. Protest to
include street theatre. If you would like to add your creativity to the proceedings, please contact us. Organised by Voices UK.

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