314 E. 6th Street
Austin, Texas 78701

It's baaa-aaack!

The best party of South by Southwest returns. Expect much merriment courtesy of your British cousins, Clearleft, Boagworld and Carsonified. The venue has changed but last year's description still holds true:

We’ve put some money behind the bar, and thanks to the beneficial exchange rate, this should last for a while at least. We’re also organising food, so you won’t be limited to warm beer and pork scratchings. In fact, it should be the perfect destination for all you hungry and thirsty conference goers. However you’ll want to get there early as numbers are limited.

Free booze, free food, good music and even better company... what more could you ask for?

And once the Great British Booze-up winds down, we can all stumble on over to South by Northwest across the street.

Added by adactio on January 10, 2008



I will really try to make it this year. Just...so....many...parties...


Had a blast with you Brits last year, so count me in for another round this year. And it'll be good to have Hicks this time around.


Had a great time there last year. Charles Wyke-Smith sort of took me under his wing and introduced me around. Great guy.

This year, I need to make sure I eat something beforehand :)

Jim Callender

Looks like it will be a blast, nice one ;)


Ahhhh the great British Booze Up. Last year the music was excellent, the company excellent, the food excellent and the beer was Newcastle brown. Yeah I'll probably come along :-)


Right! Welcome to Austin! Lived in London 20 years ago. Live in Austin now. I'll be coming; be happy to answer any questions about what to see, what to do, and who to meet in Austin.

andrew h

i hope to meet some cool new friends! and drink with some brits who will be my friends! har har :- ]


I missed this last year.

No way will I be missing it this year.

SO there. Thanks Clearleft/Boagworld/Carsonified!

Adam Wiggall

As an Ex-Pat, I'll be there to reminisce. Do we still need to prove allegiance to the Crown with a passport?


I've only been in the US for 7 months, so this is my first SxSW... will be good to drink with some fellow Brits and new American friends.


Join your fellow Refreshers and get you groove on early Monday night by attending the PhizzPop Design Challenge at Maggie Mae's too.



Ooooo. sounds good.


I'll come on the condition they serve cider.


So if we put our name on the list here, do we get in? Or do we have to get there early or get cut off by the huge flocking throngs? :)

In other words, I wanna be on some kinda of "beat the line guest list".... isn't this like LA? :D


@stefsull Just follow one of the blokes with The Union Jack underpants & you ought to be just fine. :D


First come first served I'm afraid


Looking forward to this one.


Speaking of Brits, anyone watching the rugby at the weekend?


Fadó Austin is showing this weekend's FA Cup, EPL and Six Nations Rugby matches on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I'm hitting up the ManU v. Portsmouth FA Cup game Saturday morning.
Schedule here: http://www.fadoirishpub.com/austin/eventview/sports


i'm not british but i can't wait to meet Paul and Marcus and Jeremy!


From FOWA to SXSW, I just cant seem to lose these crazy carsonified folks!

Interested 424