83 3rd Ave.
Troy, New York 12180

Coming August 4th! From 6-10pm at Space 83, #83 on 3rd Ave. Troy. A chance for artists to see other art and take it home!!

How it works: 1) from 6-8 bring art, look at art, have a snack and drink, talk and have fun. 2) From 8-8:30 vote on your favorite 5 pieces, #1 being the piece you would like to have the most. 3) We tally the votes and at 9pm the swapping begins! ( Whoever has the most votes for their piece starts the swap, getting their first choice and it goes from there).

Dust off those paintings in your studio, pull out those extra prints, any medium accepted ( as long as you can take it home in your hand, sorry no performance pieces)!

More information will be posted soon at www.thegreatartswap.com and the email there is available for any of your questions.

Hope to see you there!

Official Website: http://www.thegreatartswap.com

Added by davidjdowd on July 14, 2006



This sounds like a lot of fun!