Octavia Blvd.
San Francisco, California

The date for the next wildly fun community game has just been posted, and it's going to be Saturday February 4th in Hayes Valley, 1pm-5pm. We're ending the game at one of our favorite venues, but as usual the only way to find out where the party starts is to play the game! The sign up pages are now open, so tell your friends, your enemies, your boss and your sister?

So, what is The Go Game? A neighborhood is turned into a "game zone", with clues and challenges the players need to find. Some of the clues involve finding real people- last game there was a giant banana armed with silly string, a fairy giving out bonus points, and a crying bride running away from her wedding. This game will be all new clues and actors.

Players are divided up into teams of 5-8 people, and each team is given a cell phone and digital camera that are needed to navigate the game. After the first part of the game, everyone gathers at a bar to watch and vote on the photos and videos taken during the game. This game is FUN. You don't need any special athletic talent or smarts to play. It is also a great way to check out a new neighborhood and meet people.

If you have a group of friends you can sign up your own team. But you can also just show up and we'll put you on a team with 5-8 of your new best friends! If you're signing up alone, keep in mind that most players are in the 20s-30s age range, just so you know what to expect.


Our Mission Statement: By utilizing the latest in wireless technology and building upon people's intrinsic need for fun and connectivity, The Go Game seeks to become the first truly compelling application of the wireless web. Our game encourages players to realize the magic and creativity that surrounds them daily... to see their world as the enriching playground it can be.

Added by pinsky on January 6, 2006