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Double feature is part of Peckinpah week at the Egyptian.

THE GETAWAY, 1972, Warner Bros., 122 min. Director Sam Peckinpah adapts writer Jim Thompson?s savage pulp classic with tightly wound Steve McQueen as escaped bank robber Doc McCoy. To spring him from the joint, devoted wife Ali McGraw enlists the help of corrupt fat-cat Ben Johnson, who wants McCoy to execute a seemingly impossible robbery. Al Lettieri is the memorably sleazy killer who dogs the couple?s trail after thieves fall out. With Sally Struthers.

CONVOY, 1978, MGM/UA, 106 min. For some strange reason, CB radios and long distance truckers became all the rage in the late seventies. When C.W. McCall?s country hit, "Convoy" rocketed up the pop charts as well, the phenomenon took on a life of its own. Bill L. Norton (CISCO PIKE) wrote the screenplay for director Sam Peckinpah?s irascible action comedy about a trucker known as Rubber Duck (Kris Kristofferson) who, in league with his gal Melissa (Ali McGraw), leads a rebellious convoy of like-minded drivers in protest against a brutally repressive sheriff called Cottonmouth (Ernest Borgnine). With Burt Young, Franklin Ajaye, Seymour Cassel. Introduction to films by actors Bo Hopkins (THE GETAWAY), Burt Young and Donnie Fritts (CONVOY).

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