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It's an unofficial book launch for Chris Turner's new book, "The Geography of Hope", sometimes subtitled "A Guided Tour of the World We Need". Here's a quick writeup of the book:


Point of no return: The chilling phrase has become the ubiquitous mantra of ecological doomsayers, a troubling headline above stories of melting permafrost and receding ice caps, visions of catastrophe and fears of a problem with no solution. Daring to step beyond the rhetoric of panic and despair, The Geography of Hope points to the bright light at the end of this very dark tunnel.

With a mix of front-line reporting, analysis and passionate argument, Chris Turner pieces together the glimmers of optimism amid the gloom and the solutions already at work around the world, from Canada’s largest wind farm to Asia’s greenest building and Europe’s most eco-friendly communities. But The Geography of Hope goes far beyond mere technology. Turner seeks out the next generation of political, economic, social and spiritual institutions that could provide the global foundations for a sustainable future–from the green hills of northern Thailand to the parliament houses of Scandinavia, from the villages of southern India, where microcredit finance has remade the social fabric, to America’s most forward-thinking think tanks.

In this compelling first-person exploration, punctuated by the wonder and angst of a writer discovering the world’s beacons of possibility, Chris Turner pieces together a dazzling map of the disparate landmarks in a geography of hope.


As an unofficial event, this means that Chris doesn't have to make speeches, get buttonholed into interviews with the media or hide behind publishing company people. You can actually have a beer with him, ask him more about the book and just hang out, all of which might not be possible at an official book launch. Come on down!

Official Website: http://www.thegeographyofhope.com/PermaLink,guid,81b9860e-fba9-4413-ba3e-90ce5fc0363e.aspx

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