13 Chengfu Lu (between Wudaokou Subway Station and Peking Univ. East Gate, close to 13 Club), Haidian District, Beijing
Beijing, Beijing

When Nezha broke up in 2006 we were terribly disappointed because they were one of our favorite bands. Bandleader Pan did a
number of acoustic sets at D22 while his new band The Gar was forming, but we were delighted when they finally brought us their new band in April. This will be their third gig with us and they are justifying all our hopes for them. They will be joined by old favorites Believers Yayue Team and newcomers Bianzhi Wanou.

[30 rmb/20 students]

当哪喳乐队在2006年解散的时候我们都十分失望,因为他们是我们最喜欢的乐队之一,此乐队的领军人物PAN在D22出演了大量的不差电系列现 场时他的新乐队THE GAR也渐渐的形成了,另我们高 兴的是他们终于在四月份的时候把这支新乐队亮相给了大家,今晚的这场演出是他们为我们做的的第三场,并且他们证明的是我们对他们
的所有期望,当晚加入他们的还是我们在过去都很喜欢的Believers Yayue团队,和新来者变质玩偶乐队。

门票:30元 学生20元

Official Website: http://www.d22beijing.com/weekly_en.html

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