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Join us for this exclusive two-day audience with the biggest names in web development. This is an exceptional opportunity to discover how the web's most successful sites and applications were built, plus you’ll get expert practical advice from the best in the business on creating your own web app. Whether you're a developer, business owner or entrepreneur, this event will inspire and inform. February's London Summit sold out, so don’t miss out - sign up for your seats now
It's only $295 for two days!

Official Website: http://www.carsonworkshops.com/summit/

Added by Gill on July 6, 2006



I was going to register, but I couldn't agree to the shrink-wrap license:


Hi Raines,

Can you explain what you didn't like about the terms? We'd be interested to know. Maybe we can change them?



The key issue for me was that it seemed more extensive than any previous conference I had registered for, and clearly the work of an (international) lawyer, making me think that I needed to get a legal review of it myself before agreeing to it. None of the individual items seem onerous, but the net impact seemed potentially substantial. Also, lately I've been participating in a number of open-source unconference-style events, where I've been enjoying myself by documenting the events and freely giving away work product as a "citizen journalist"... this seemed impossible with your terms (I don't know if registered media agree to the same agreement). Lastly, as nice as it might be to take a vacation to Wales to participate in a court case there, I am largely unfamiliar with the terms of that jurisdiction and reluctant to subject myself to extradition or penalties without representation in that market. For all I know, this degree of legalese is standard for UK conferences, but it's not something I've encountered in the US market.

As it is, I'll just be back from a series of other events, so as nice as the speakers may be, it probably would best suit me to spend a couple of days actually doing things I get paid for.

Thanks for reaching out, this kind of public conversation is the best part of Web 2.0!


We are very excited to be a part of this workshop and will be traveling from San Diego with 3 members of our senior team. Look forward to meeting everyone!

BJ Cook
Digital Marketing Manager
digital-telepathy Inc.


Raines! Thanks for your in-depth reply (almost as long as our T&Cs).

Regarding the T&Cs - don't be freaked out, it's just lawyers insisting that we cover our ass. We wouldn't dream of stopping anyone writing or tallking about our Summit (good or bad).

There were people live-blogging our London summit and after the event the blogosphere went crazy - we're very pro-journalists (particularly the citizen type).

We'll be giving away the podcasts after the event, and if the London event is anything to go by there will be thousands of photos online within minutes.

So... please come along write, take photos, whatever you like. We won't sue you, and we won't make you go to Wales, (although it's very nice, particularly Pembrokeshire).



Gill, you convinced me! (and actually, a friend hit me with a bring-a-friend discount deal that pushed me over the line). It's always great to get this kind of interaction with the hosts in advance.


As of 3pm yesterday I was still in Dallas contemplating going to this. Thanks to some local friends and Southwest Airlines, I woke up in San Francisco and will be there for breakfast.