1675 Owens Street
San Francisco, California 94143-3008

The Age of Ultraband is coming — the era of an ulta fast, ultra connected mobile web.

Mobilize 09 is a one-day conference that brings together the thought leaders and practitioners of the mobile web and telecoms ecosystem for talk, demonstrations and debate. We’ll examine what it means to have wireless broadband speeds at the Gigabit scale and how the explosion of open platforms and hardware beyond traditional handsets create new opportunities, for entrepreneurs, investors and consumers. Join us for a look at emerging devices, from netbooks to smartphones and beyond. Examine the potential presented by application stores and the rapidly expanding variety of mobile tools. Sort through information on users and their needs. We will find the early indicators for opportunity in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the mobile web. We’ll also identify bumps in the road ahead — and help players in the wireless ecosystem see the opportunities they present.

Added by MobileMonday Singapore on August 4, 2009