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Helping you translate blue-sky thinking into best practice

Social media marketing is revolutionising the way both companies and consumers operate. But after much hype and discussion, do you know what a good social marketing strategy looks like - and how you can deliver it?

The Future of Social Media is the only event in 2008 that offers you:

* Industry leading visions from both the USA and the UK
* Real-world examples from digital marketers who are ahead of the social media curve
* Case studies from global brands who have measurable social media benefit
* Facillitated networking opportunities amongst the world's social media elite

If you are a VP, Director or Head of any of the following areas then this conference is for you:

* Marketing
* Branding
* Digital Development
* Online
* New Media
* PR
* Corporate Communications

Official Website: http://www.futureofsocialmedia.co.uk/

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£499? The "world's social media elite"? LOL!


Hello there, we would like to announce the NixonMcInnes www.nixonmcinnes.co.uk Social Media Surgery at The Future of Social Media show and invite you to come to our stand to have a free social media health check.

Are you a marketing or PR professional who needs help with your online strategy? Have you asked yourself or your team lately; are the arteries of your website clogged up? Does your communications plan need a detox?

If the answer is yes to either of these questions then we have the perfect prescription to sooth your troubled brow.

Our renowned social media consultants and founder directors Will and Tom will be available to speak to delegates who feel their organisation may benefit from a digital check up.

Contact me now at [email protected] to register in advance and pre-book a highly coveted appointment slot.

Let us know what your objective is in attending the show and the sort of things you would like to speak to a consultant about.

Do you need help understanding this new space? What are your symptoms? What are you trying to achieve by implementing social media into your marketing strategy?

Are you suffering from any of the following?

- Concerns about blogging?
- Stagnant social media strategy?
- eCommerce migraines?
- Qualms with your website?
- Campaign question marks?

We can assist you by suggesting alternative ways of getting closer to your customers using social media to promote your products and services to your audience.

Delegates will receive a hand written prescription tailored to your individual specification with suggestions and ideas on how to embark on or improve your company’s social media tactics; oh and you can help yourself to a nice bottle of water and piece of fruit whist your there.

We are known for being lovely so please feel free to come and say hello.

Also Will is speaking at 10.05 - social media goodness in abundance.

See you on the day – we look forward to meeting you!

We would like to say a special ‘thank you’ to the lovely people at Fruit for the Office and Posture People who have kindly donated items to our stand.



Thanks for the information. World's social media elite sounds interesting.