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The Future of Movies: Digital Age Cinema Executive Roundtable

Randal Kleiser, President, Randel Kleiser Productions, Inc.
Bob Lambert, Sr. Vice President, Worldwide Technology Strategy The Walt Disney Company
Tim Partridge, Sr. Vice President and General Manager, Dolby Professional Division, Dolby Laboratories, Inc.
Todd Wagner, CEO, 2929 Entertainment

Scott Kirsner, Editor, CinemaTech; Columnist and Contributing Writer, Fast Company, The Boston Globe, The Hollywood Reporter
Summer is the season of big budget blockbusters, action-packed sequels and animated hits, but with new technologies (like Moviebeam, Movielink, CinemaNow, and the video iPod) increasing the number of movies we watch at home or portably, more movie-goers are opting for small screen simplicity vs. theater style seating. To the contrary, with advancements in digital distribution and projection technology, now installed in several hundred U.S. theaters, the film industry is capitalilzing on the opportunity to reinvigorate the box office.

In the height of the summer movie season we'll look at what's changing about the way movies are made, distributed and experienced, with an all-star cast of speakers from Hollywood and the Bay Area.

How is the relationship between studios, filmmakers, and the audience changing? Why does it seem that Northern California tech companies and Southern California content producers are so often at odds? How can they work better together? What are the new business models that will help movie-making remain profitable? Join us as these film industry leaders tell us what's in store for the future of cinema!
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- Program: 07:00 PM
Palo Alto Hills Country Club
3000 Alexis Drive
Palo Alto, CA 94304

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