2534 Mission Street
San Francisco, California

Yes, it's last minute, but please join us in welcoming a great startup delegation arriving from Finland for the Web 2.0 Expo.

We're hosting a special event at the Foreign Cinema Modernism West Gallery space in San Francisco where founders and representatives from some of the hottest startups out of Finland are hoping to meet and build relationships with other entrepreneurs, investors, reporters, bloggers, and analysts. Drinks and appetizers will be served.

The business trip is organized by DIGIBUSINESS Cluster, which is part of the Social Media Business Network (SOMBIZ).

Participating Companies:

TripSay provides an online service for travelers that helps them discover and share relevant personalized information about cool destinations and activities.

Ironstar is recognized as an innovator in social gaming and is the developer of MoiPal(tm) - a cross-platform life-simulation game with social networking and virtual world elements.

ConnectedDay is a service for professional daycare providers that makes it extremely easy to securely share pictures & videos with parents. ConnectedDay delivers tools for better communication that increases parental involvement and builds stronger bonds between children, parents and daycare centers.

Ideakone develops and markets the Moogo service, a new way to produce high-quality web-based services considerably faster than with conventional methods and using fewer resources. Moogo gives the customer the opportunity to produce a web service with ease and without any programming expertise.

Apprix is a leading provider of Internet and Mobile EduGaming. EduGame provides a unique learning experience catching target group's attention through an attractive game format.

Waraamo by Gemilo is a social shopping space that provides a free booking system for 5 million people who actively seek online beauty and wellness services. Salons, massages, personal trainer, gyms, etc. that offer these services can easily customize the booking system and start using it for free.

Ramblas is a Digital Event Marketing and Media agency. Ramblas Media Platform and Ramblaster turn events into an involving and activating part of any marketing campaign. Ramblaster is a full service family for sport arenas, stadiums and malls - basically any place with a lot of people and jumbo screens.

XIHA is a Social Media service that combines social networking and a digital content store with a unique multilingual approach. XIHA Life automatically recognizes, tags and filters user generated content.

Futurice is at the forefront of web/mobile based community services, AJAX- based UI's, community creation tools, and high user-volume products combined with sophisticated design. The company creates services for the masses and can scale, cluster, distribute, replicate, and optimize the server systems for the millions of users they serve.

email richard[at]future-works.com for additional information.

Added by briansolis on April 17, 2008



Nice, this is just a few steps from my door :)


Other networking events here: http://en.xihalife.com/b/juhani/1540


I had a blast! Thanks to everyone for setting this up.