96 Snowsfield Rd
London, England SE1 3SS

Chaos Theory presents soaring soundscapes from four immense post rock giants.

We love having these greats down from Watford. Defying the local hardcore scene with their love of post rock, LITR produce intricate melodies, impressive breakdowns and still know how to pack a punch! We've not been able to leave their EP Sinking Ships alone during the last year.

Powerful art rock/post metal band featuring ex-Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster bassist Tom Granica. Sprawling spacious melodies, industrial vocals and plenty of riffs and solos. A Perfect Circle meets Nine Inch Nails, a conceptual experience we can't wait to see.

Beautiful instrumental band from Surrey. Deeply atmospheric and haunting, it gives us chills up our spines just to hear their music slowly unfurl into ambient crescendos.

Great prog rock band bringing light fingered pacey rock. Swaying between light melodies to crushingly heavy riffs, this is a band encapsulating all that's great about alternative rock.

Official Website: http://www.chaostheorymusic.co.uk/ai1ec_event/the-facemelter-2/?instance_id=23

Added by Chaos Theory on September 14, 2012

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