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Everyone knows that Guy Fawkes was a huge fan of progressive technical metal and psychedelic doom.

To honour him on the 5th November, we've picked the bands that would have made a great soundtrack to blowing up the houses of parliament.

Lineup (not in running order):

A rare chance to see this elusive guitar genius in his element. Playing furiously impressive metal, he draws on influences including Sikth and Meshuggah and is in the running to rival Buckethead. Brutal, intricate and mindboggling, it's no wonder that his album The Beckoning Silence has sold so well and that guitarists from other bands at The Facemelter in February were even asking if he'd give them lessons! You won't be able to move for being absolutely stunned.

An intense experience from this prog doom band. Bringing together all that is great about riffs, sludge, psychedelia and crushing metal, it's no wonder that they've already shared the stage with some huge names including Ufomammut, Ramesses and Latitudes. Fresh from their latest gig at the Purple Turtle this month, we cannot wait for their staggering performance.

Devastatingly heavy doom band, featuring members of Kopperhed. Melodic and trippy yet sludgy and weighty, their tracks span a wide range of genres to keep the listener on their toes. One for fans of Cathedral, Sunn O))) and Triptykon. After hearing their epic tracks at The Facemelter in March, we can't wait to see how they've come along over the year.

Insane throat-ripping vocals, quality riffs and brutal breakdowns come from this band hailing from Carshalton in Surrey. Proud to bear the torch for old school metal, this is the band for fans of Lamb Of God, Metallica, Machine Head and Devil Driver.

Beautiful progressive metal band, combining great hooks and melodies with fervent riffs and odd time signatures. Their clear influence from bands like Killswitch Engage, Gojira, Machine Head and Devin Townsend means that mosh monsters and sing along fans will all find something to enjoy.

Links to bands can be found at http://www.chaostheorymusic.co.uk/the-facemelter

Official Website: http://www.chaostheorymusic.co.uk/the-facemelter/

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