96 Snowsfield Rd
London, England SE1 3SS

The end of British summer means it's time to bring back the metal (look it up in any meteorology book, it's in there)!

September is the month for crushingly heavy yet fluffily melodic metal. Ok, not that fluffy.

It's all in the name with this 5 piece; a band truly worthy of the Facemelter stage. Furiously fast paced metal with bucketloads of growls, wails, screeches and sublime melodies. Fans of anything from old school thrash to newer progressive metal will love these guys.

Fist pumping melodic metal. With incredible vocal harmonies, intense atmospheric sounds and heavy guitar hooks, your head will be nodding, your feet will be tapping and the devil's horns will be flying high above the crowd.

Aggressive metalcore band whose relentless music leaves little room for standing still. Brutal breakdowns, thrash and hardcore make up this quality band's hard hitting sound.

Relentlessly progressive band from Bristol who'll flip between thrash, prog, down-tempo and death metal, making a truly original sound that never lets the dust settle.

In keeping with the rest of the lineup, Prometheus fuse facemelting harsh metal with ambient soundscapes and melodies. Throw in a few original guitar solos and discordant riffs and you've got yourself a sound worth hearing!

Links to bands can be found at http://www.chaostheorymusi​c.co.uk/the-facemelter

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