96 Snowsfield Rd
London, England SE1 3SS

Riffs and progressive metal that still keeps a melody are the flavours of the month, with some old friends returning to the lineup of this night by Chaos Theory.

With influences as widely spread as Dream Theater and Gojira, their relentless riffs and odd timings are offset by spacious intervals and melodic vocals. Soon to re-release their EP Uncertainty, which serves as a great reminder of the show they put on.

Excellent band with immensely original metal. Influenced by prog, rock and metal, they also manage to infuse dramatic cinematic quirks in their music. Melodic and inventive, but see for yourself with the free download of their track 'The Voice Of Nothing'.

An energetic merger of great hooks and melodies with progressive tunes, complete with just enough breakdowns and changes to force you to rock out.

Official Website: http://www.chaostheorymusic.co.uk/

Added by Chaos Theory on February 25, 2013

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