47-01 111th Street
Queens, New York 11368

Explore The Art of Science Fiction at the New York Hall of Science.

Artists represented will include Wayne Douglas Barlowe, John Berkey, Vincent Di Fate, Alex Ebel, Dean Ellis, Donato Giancola, Paul Lehr, Greg Manchess, Richard Powers, John Schoenherr, Murray Tinkelman, and Michael Whelan.

The exhibition is organized by six classic science fiction themes:

Robots: Robotics, a branch of engineering, is also a popular inspiration for science fiction. These paintings address questions on what defines humanness, the Three Laws of Robotics, and the social parallels of robots to human society.

Aliens and Fantastic Creatures: These paintings and movie props focus on other non-human characters that populate science fiction including Gill Man (Creature from the Black Lagoon), a "super carrot" (The Thing from Another World), Daggerwrists (Expedition), Bug-Eyed Monsters (The Astounding Fiction Anthology), and more.

Travel: Whether traveling through time, outer space, or deep seas, paintings and movie props in this section can suggest an appropriate mode of transportation.

Habitats: This collection explores where humans might exist when space travel becomes commonplace, including space stations and a structure built around a star.

Mind Power: Soft science fiction tends to focus on human feelings, while deemphasizing the details of technological hardware and physical laws. These paintings explore the softer concept of mind power.

Social Relevance and Dire Predictions: Overpopulation, genetic engineering, and the clash between technology and environment are a few of topics explored in these paintings.

The Art of Science Fiction will be on display in the Hall's Deborah and Edward Horowitz Technology Gallery until June 30, 2006.

Official Website: http://www.nyhallsci.org/nyhs-pressroom/nyhs-pressreleases/pr-art_of_scifi.html