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The Culture Catalyst, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the perpetuation and preservation of the traditional performing arts of West Africa and its diaspora, has been and is a great support system in the Los Angeles arts community. The Culture Catalyst facilitates workshops, events and performances, and on September 29th and 30th, 2012, will host an exciting debut, The Essence. Choreographed, written, and directed by Kara Mack, The Essence is a unique approach to the retelling of the multiple realities of Africa. For the first time on a Los Angeles stage, dancers and drummers from West Africa, Brazil, Cuba, and the United States will unite for a single purpose. The Essence utilizes traditional African performance genres to convey the historical, cultural, and spiritual connections between the three distinct pieces, appropriately titled “Essence,” “Breakthrough,” and “Liberation.”

Showcasing song and percussion, “Essence” tells the story of the Mali Empire, starting from the rule of Sundiata Keita through the trajectory of his legacy of what is now preserved in the Diaspora - particularly in Cuba and Brazil. Though innumerable religions are practiced in the Diaspora, Africans’ spiritual conviction is the point on which this piece pivots. With a strong belief that reality and spirituality are inextricably bound “Essence” emphasizes this experience for Africans in the Diaspora.

“The Breakthrough,” the second piece, is a transcendent, personal narrative of a man facing the eventuality of becoming a slave in the New World. Picking up on the thread from the previous piece, “The Breakthough” demonstrates how deep the strong belief in spiritual protection runs in African cultures. Captivating Orisha dances help the man understand his role in the destiny of his progeny.

The culminating performance, “Liberation,” presents an innovative fusion of traditional rhythms to highlight how religious music and dance was secularized into popular culture. The people in the Caribbean hybridized the music and dances of the Orixas resulting in the creation of rumba, samba, salsa, merengue, and so many more! All of the traditional rhythms from the performance will be played in harmony producing a new, cathartic sound. “Liberation” challenges the audience to answer the question: Where do we go from here?

The Essence is necessary for the Los Angeles community because it reveals a universal message of Unity through Spirit. The Essence is a first step on a bridge of hope – a performance whose spirit begins to heal the rift and declare that we will always have a common ground.

Official Website: http://goo.gl/YxpLo

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