9 Adam Street
London, England WC2N 6AA

Your business is cooking on gas. You have your business plan and everything is running according to it, recession or no recession……Right?

On the last Thursday of each month Our Coach and Mentor runs a free workshop in Central London to help push businesses through their next brick wall (For most this is the recession, but not for all) and accelerate growth.

What does it look like?

A free monthly program to learn, share and build a community of likeminded businesses.

When and where?

Adam St (Central London) on Thursday 6th August.


You must RSVP via phone, email or Meetup.com. Limited to 20 spaces

Who is running it?

Les Hercules Kalas, our Business Coach for the past 4 years. He is a founding partner at Shirlaws. They turn over $18m, have an international footprint and work with all types and size of business.

Why are we doing this?

Les, who is used to working with O2, Sony and other large corporates also loves working with Startups, businesses stuck at a growth stage (like us) or those looking for ways to innovate through the downturn (also us). I am there as an example, to learn, reinforce the frameworks in my business and support friends, colleagues and clients with material I have found to be extremely powerful. It is also a great opportunity to network & build relationships within a community of likeminded people.

How much will it cost?

These ‘Tasters’ are free. There are also Master Classes in specific subjects and 1 to 1 options geared for smaller businesses, all of which consider ‘Credit Crunched’ budgets.

Who should come?

Owners/Managers of smaller businesses (1-100) who want to learn, grow, share, collaborate and ultimately thrive through the recession and on.


You will learn useful concepts within one session that you can take back, discuss with the team and perhaps implement. Each ‘Taster’ session is different so you can come to more than 1 if you find it’s for you.

I appreciate that business coaching can be a dirty word to some, misunderstood by many and it is not a magic bullet. Personally I have struggled with it in the past, the people and delivery methods.

However, come and see what YOU think….

Official Website: http://theengineroom.co.uk/blog/2009/07/business-coaching-taster-june-25th-free/

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