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As the web becomes the primary source of product information, marketers are learning how to create unique online customer experiences to gain a competitive advantage. Online Customer Communities are increasingly viewed as the next wave in engaging customers. Mr. Thouati, CEO of Lithium Technologies, will discuss the market trends and the reasons why major corporations are implementing communities to provide customer care and generate brand loyalty.

Michel G. Thouati, Ph.D.
CEO and Co-Founder
Michel provides strategic leadership and direction for Lithium as a whole, overseeing all aspects of the company and participating regularly in technical groups to ensure that Lithium maintains its benchmark product development, continued profitability and strong growth.

With over 18 years of professional experience, including 10 years in major corporations, Michel is a recognized expert in software development. He was previously COO and VP of Engineering for Lithium/GX, where he led the development of the first industrial product platform.

Michel holds an ME and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, in addition to an Engineering Degree from ENSIEG, and an Economics degree from University of Grenoble.

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