Quai de l'Ourthe 42b (venue - salle) ou Rue Méan, 27 (bureaux)
Liège, Liege 4020

> > > > > be there or rot in front of your TV!! < < < < <

THE ELECTRIC GUITARS is a two people band doing some exiting performence not unlike Suicide mixed with The Georges Leningrad.
LE PRINCE HARRY is the new up & coming synth punk belgian sensation with a 12" out on Plin Tub records.
MELODIK PINPON crazy crazy live karaoke guy - electro & video interactions

HELL*ZO is the guy behind many underground show at the Recyclart, fantastic poster designer and owner of Plin Tub record label.

come and have fun!

Official Website: http://nabate.org/liege

Added by al=plastic on December 10, 2006