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"Powerful forces are revolutionising business. It's happened before and it's happening again. Today's challenges mean customer needs are changing and fast. We need to start thinking of new ways to compete. The Economist's Redesigning Business Summit will show you how.

Procter and Gamble, Samsung, Google, Amazon and Apple know what's needed - they use design thinking.

The Economist, in association with the Design Council, is inviting business leaders to sample the fresh thinking that business needs to seize opportunities in a volatile world. 

Why attend?

The Redesigning Business Summit will encourage you to challenge the principles underpinning business and management for the last decade by:

• Learning from some of the world's leading companies about how design thinking will help your business find new growth opportunities, productivity and sources of revenue
• Gathering insights on the trends shaking up business from world-class experts and understand the challenges ahead
• Experiencing design thinking in challenging workshops with peers and experts
• Getting a vision of the world that businesses will be operating in, in three, five and 10 years' time
• Gaining access to the world's most influential thinkers and business leaders"

Official Website: http://www.redesigningbusinesssummit.com/

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