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With the support of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Intelligent Television has been conducting a year-long investigation into "the economics of open content." This project is a systematic study of why and how it makes sense for commercial companies and noncommercial institutions active in culture, education, and media to make certain materials widely available for free?and also how free services are morphing into commercial companies while retaining their peer-to-peer quality. The project builds upon written work that Intelligent Television completed in 2005 with the support of the Mellon Foundation and Ithaka on "Marketing Culture in the Digital Age" (http://www.intelligenttelevision.com/research2.html), and also upon work being completed by Intelligent Television?s founder Peter B. Kaufman as part of the Mellon Foundation-supported Commission on Cyberinfrastructure in the Humanities and Social Sciences (http://www.acls.org/cyberinfrastructure/cyber.htm). The project also informs new economic models that Intelligent Television is establishing for its documentary work.

With the support of the Hewlett Foundation and MIT Open Courseware, Intelligent Television is organizing a two-day symposium at MIT on "The Economics of Open Content," on January 23 and 24, 2006. We are bringing together commercial representatives of most media industries?publishing, film, music, television, video, software, education/courseware, gaming?together with representatives of cultural and educational institutions who are innovative in this area and legal and business minds in the academy who are studying how to make this happen faster and better. People representing many new and established commercial companies will be there. New Yorker economics columnist and bestselling author (The Wisdom of Crowds) James Surowiecki will keynote at the Cambridge meeting, with a presentation on January 23 titled "Openness as an Ethos."

"The Economics of Open Content"
A Commercial ? Noncommercial Forum

Co-sponsored by
Intelligent Television
MIT Open CourseWare
with the support of the
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

January 23-24, 2006
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