1161 Angelina
Austin, Texas 78702

The East 12th Community Restoration & Development Forum

The City of Austin & its agencies have not developed Austin 's East 12th St. to accommodate the existing historical residence of the community, but other people's agencies & organizations that were not previously from this community.


1.) Skyrocketing property taxes.

2.) The economic (red line) discrepancy in values of property between the west & east sides of IH35.

3.) The sheer lack of effective representation in the City Council & agencies for the historical residence & property owners.


To hold quarterly "brainstorm" sessions in order to address the city development of the Austin Eastside, specifically E.12th Street . These sessions will produce a roadmap for restoration and development that will be in the best interest of the historical residence & property owners.


1.) To give a voice to the voiceless historical residence & property/business owner in the Eastside community.

2.) To address the ongoing inadequacies occurring with the development/ agenda by the City of Austin agencies.

3.) To submit/create an action plan originating from the historical residence & property owners to the City Council on a predetermined future date.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Carver Library

Room #4

3:00p.m.- 4:00p.m.

Forum Contact Person:

Steven Mann- 512-789-7775

Sponsored by:

The African American Entrepreneur Circle


The Wealth on East Twelfth (W.E.T) Council

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