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Just how funny is that Dane Cook, huh? Just how funny is he?!? Once, he got on stage on performed fellatio with his microphone for 12 minutes! Twelve minutes! Then he grunted. Then he did a riff about what it would be like to "make it with a dude." Then he got a three-picture deal and a series on both Comedy Central and HBO.

So just how funny is that Dane Cook? The answer is not funny at all. We as a nation die a little inside every time he wakes up. Whenever he opens his mouth another baby stops breathing in its crib. Every time someone buys a Dane Cook CD, goes to a Dane Cook show or even thinks "I like Dane Cook" the Earth moves one mile closer to the sun. Thanks to Dane Cook we will all be burned alive by December.

So now that we know we're all doomed we might as well laugh, laugh, laugh! right! So come on down to The Drink at Work Show at Ace of Clubs TONIGHT, September 25th, to catch such actually funny, talented comedians as:

Victor Varnado: Conan O'Brien, Premium Blend, Montreal Just for Laughs Festival
Sean Lynch: MTV
Max Silvestri: Invite Them Up
Maggie Lauren: Gotham Comedy Club
John F. O'Donnell: Check Your Cool, Crash Comedy
Ashley Strand: Gotham Comedy Club

Plus Drink at Work regulars Craig Baldo and Sean Crespo along with your MC Carol Hartsell.

The Drink at Work Show
Tonight! (And every Monday)
8:00 P.M.
Ace of Clubs
9 Great Jones Street
(Below ACME)
$5 Cover

The Drink at Work Show--Our comedians don't kill people.

Official Website: http://www.drinkatwork.com

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