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A presentation about the history of and resistance to the G8, brought to you by the people organizing in Germany for June 2007.

Massive protests will happen against the G8 meeting in Germany this June. Why protest the G8? What is at stake for the environment and workers? Which groups are involved? Come find out!

Once a year the leaders of the 8 richest nations meet behind closed doors in secret with no publicized agenda or published minutes, to discuss the fate of the world. They've been making empty promises for decades about improving the environment, poverty in Africa, and lots more, but the fact is that the G8 is not the solution to these ills, it is the problem!

If you are going to Germany to protest the G8 in June, want to learn more about why we need to disrupt the G8, or interested in how massive mobilizations are carried out in Europe, please come!

For more information:
Dissent! Network, Direct Action against G8: from: https://dissentnetzwerk.org/node/49

Official Website: https://dissentnetzwerk.org/node/49

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