1100 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43201

Soul lives below the belt, and whether youre looking to be grinding it slow or shaking it up good, the Detroit Cobras bring it tough and tender, savage and sweet. With Tied And True, their first new record in three years, the Cobras practically done created a new genre all for themselves, delivering the sonic goods to back up some seriously supernatural soulful vocal gifts.

Untrained and undisciplined (and how!), Rachel started out by belting revved-up rock yowlers and has grown into the gen-u-ine gutsy, vulnerable, delicate and commanding soul-on-the-edge singer. She effortlessly glides from R&B sass, to girl group pathos to kitten-with-a-whip toughness with a snap of her chipped fingernails. Longtime musical partner in crime, guitarist Mary Ramirez keeps the DE-troit Motor City in the Cobras with her body shop wallop, greasy rock n soul rhythms and a bold grasp of old school, big room arrangements.

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