1206 Regent St
Madison, Wisconsin 53715

Crawling out from the weed-choked lots of the once proud town, The Detroit Cobras whip out ass-shaking anthems to good times, wild times, and the high and lows of L-U-V; you best believe it and you best not mess with it. Singer Rachel Nagy and guitarist Mary Ramirez are the bad girls by the exit doors at the school dance, all leather and heels, sneaking smokes and passing the flask. They have no time for dewy-eyed love songs or girl group decorum; theyll take care of business themselves with a bat of the eye or an elbow to the kidney. Rachels warm as the bourbon under the seat of your car voice can boom to the back pews (Did we say "pews?" We meant "barstools") and Marys riffs let you know that love and good times can be found in the tilt of a hip or at the end of a fist.

"There's retro, and there's old-fashioned gut-busting rock and roll. The Cobras, our greatest current party band, define the latter category. Singer Rachel Nagy has Patsy Clines pipes and Courtney Loves attitude. The band is raucous and raw. The songs are saucy classics. Hot damn!" Tim Mohr, Playboy

"If Iggy Pop, Berry Gordy, and Jackie DeShannon fornicated in the back seat of a 63 Thunderbird, the drunken, swaggering Detroit Cobras would slither from the orgiastic rendezvous. Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat), the lone original, is a bouncy sleaze-garage number laced with sexual double entendres, proving the Cobras can step up to the plate with equal horniness." Magnet Magazine

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