2199 California St
Denver, Colorado 80205

a night of music with The Denver Gentlemen http://www.myspace.com/thedenvergentlemen
Hamster Theater http:// www.myspace.com/hamstertheatre

Doors at 8:00pm - $10.00

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/thedenvergentlemen

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ALL AGES event at the beautiful Mercury Cafe. http://www.mercurycafe.com/

"The Denver Gentlemen's legacy is one that is lodged in the local music community's collective memory, fixed by a pastiche of images: David Eugene Edwards, now with Wovenhand, intently strumming a Montgomery Ward's guitar; Norlander's brother, Eric, invoking notes from an old Black & Decker saw. An early version of the band found current Auto Club frontman Slim Cessna behind the drum kit, while Frank Hauser Jr., presently with the Kalamath Brothers, squeezed out tuneful belches from an antique accordion. Norlander, who manned vocals and piano, also sometimes spiced up the tunes with a glockenspiel. The Gents' combination of American Gothic hymns with old-world carny music was reminiscent of a Technicolor cabaret. But despite such an eclectic musical palette, the band is mostly remembered for its rootsy tendencies. The Gent's current lineup includes part-time DeVotchKa members Paul Geoffrey and Tom Hagerman."
-- Westword Magazine

Hamster Theatre, Mister Personality/ Quasi Day Room (Cuneiform Records). Hamster Theatre is known as one of the quirkiest combos ever to hail from these parts, and its recent two-CD recording does nothing to dim that reputation. Personality is an enjoyably odd studio disc that makes a perfect fit with Quasi, a live document that's thoroughly unhinged -- but in a good way.
-- Roberts, Westword Magazine


Hamster Theatre finally shares the stage with the Denver Gentlemen! This makes sense, as head Hamster Dave Willey contributed to 2 forms of the Gentlemen, first as accordionist and guitarist, and next as pianist. Jon Stubbs, the other Hamster insider, provided trombone and arrangements to the Denver Gentlemen's disc "Introducing the Denver Gentlemen", and former Gentlemen drummer and mixmaster Mark McCoin also drummed with the Hamsters! The lineage of the acquaintence of these two groups goes back nigh on 20 years, when Jeffrey, Slim and David Edwards did shows as Bloodflower, and Dave's pre-Hamster improv band White Courtesy Telephone would play that space the next day!

That said, it's a long-overdue pairing, not to be missed! And as I am biased, I must definitely take issue with Mr. Roberts' adjectives "quirky" "odd" and "unhinged", with no offense to Mr. Roberts! The fact is, Hamster Theatre is a fun band, indescribable really, with absolutely no attitude (!) and that is constantly refreshing in these increasingly Trying times!