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Evangelista is a sound that you can open your chest with, pull out whats inside and make it change shapes, make it open more times and, even more til the sound inside has finally sealed the hole where your vile/beautiful heart belongs Even if you believe in nothing, good or bad, I must report: theres really no such thing as empty space. Even inside this void there is sound. You will hear it. You will see. You will be cradled and near deafened by love and mercy sounds and the sound of your own pulsing blood that used to drive me mad as a child when I would try to go to sleep.


Earshot Jazz Monthly once likened the pipes of singer/guitarist Sam Mickens to cool-school crooner Chet Baker, and Jherek Bischoff plays an upright bass. On the other hand they rarely rehearse, share close ties to experimental outfits Xiu Xiu and Yellow Swans, and are more likely to play gallery spaces than conventional rock clubs. So what are the Dead Science? A jazz combo? An arty improv ensemble? None of the above. The Dead Science are a pop band. Not in the same sense as, say, fashion-friendly MTV fops the Killers (although Mickens shows up for our interview wearing a natty oxford shirt dotted with tiny rhinestones), but a pop band nevertheless.


Added by chthonic on July 14, 2006

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