2214 NE Oregon St.
Portland, Oregon 97232

Join in or watch in awe as Rock Banders and Guitar Heroes put their skills to the test in a no holds barred last band standing schloberknocker of an evening.

There will be a free play time where you can play the games, show your skillage and work up to the big battle. There is no charge for use of the games at this time, but if you break it you bought it.

You will be able to sign up for the Battle Of The Bands right up until the last call for signup is made. The entry fee is 5$ per band in advance of Feb 15th and 7$ on Feb 15th, so some get yourself signed up early and often.

The Battle Of The Bands will take place on the main stage at the Urban Grind, your band will be in front of an audience who expects that you will both rock and roll them with style, skill and mega amazing stage charisma. You are not just playing for a score, you are playing for the masses.

Your set will be judged on the following catagories...

* Skill (In Game Score) - Amass the most points on screen.
* Style (How fly be you) - The audience will decide if you look the part, if your get up makes you or breaks you.
* Stage (Performance) - The audience will decide if you rocked their world or simply stood on the stage like some button twittling hinney hobbits

Prizes will be awarded for each category.

To register or to find out more please email [email protected]

Official Website: http://www.coffeehousegeek.com/

Added by tomwsmf on January 28, 2008