1525 South 8th Street
Saint Louis, Missouri

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Rated one of America's Best Haunted Attractions By USA Today, AOL.com, HauntWorld.com and featured on the National Geographic Channel, the Today Show and Modern Marvels
Someone will be waiting in The Darkness. Someone will be watching in The Darkness. Someone will be running in The Darkness. Someone will be screaming…someone like YOU!

The Darkness goes beyond your imagination…An attraction so unbelievable it has won awards and accolades WORLDWIDE. Now in its 15th YEAR OF FEAR, we've gone over the edge with the biggest and scariest renovation we've ever undertaken. The new Darkness will feature scenes where the floor moves under your feet, screams come from above you, below you, and all around you. Fear surrounds The Darkness!

Official Website: http://www.scarefest.com/americas_best_haunted_house_the_darkness

Added by folkie on September 15, 2008