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Daily Candy. The brief, ubiquitous, morning-arriving emails are the only way to get the day started, and certainly the best way to plan a weekend. Always on the sparking edge of whats hot, and the biting edge of whats fierce, the team at Daily Candy is known for showing unabashed love to those things which ignite a passion in the realm of art, fashion, food, entertainment, and shopping (most often these things are flying under the radar, but, once the Candy teams announced it, not for long), and ignoring those which come across as trite, unpolished, or derivative. As such, its with nothing but joyous glee and excitement that Wordsmiths Books, featured several times in Daily Candy Atlanta, announces it will be hosting the OFFICIAL launch party for The DailyCandy Lexicon.

Maybe youre tired of talking the way youve talked for years (please stop calling things dope), or maybe youre embarrassed that you didnt know what your cubicle-mate meant by desk burn (its an injury sustained during in-office sex). Either way, you need a dose of The DailyCandy Lexicon:

  • Tart fuel: n. Girlie drinks. e.g., cosmos, kirs, or anything that tastes like Kool-Aid.
  • Teenile: adj. Used to describe someone who is way too old for what she is wearing. (That 45-year-old woman is wearing low-cut jeans. Is she crazy or just teenile?)

  • Kama-suture: n. Aid for injuries sustained during aerobic bedroom exercises (particularly by non-aerobic types).

  • Crapas: n. One of the many bad versions of the small plates craze.

  • Apathy hour: n. What happy hour usually feels like.

Join Wordsmiths Books and the national Daily Candy team for a night thats certain to go down in the history books as one to remember. Free Drinks, free sweets, and the hottest, most mingle-worthy crowd youve ever seen inside Wordsmiths walls. Either be at Wordsmiths for the official The DailyCandy Lexicon launch party, or hear about it the day after and be envious.

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Added by Wordsmiths Books on May 10, 2008