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Mobile phones will become the tool for reading digital books, playing music and games, looking at images and watching films and TV. No matter if you are currently a traditionalist or somebody who already works for digital media, the development will affect all creators in one way or another. Are you already thinking of joining the next revolution in digital media and distributing your work through mobile phones or inventing software applications? This seminar will give you an overview of the legal framework including licensing, royalties, data protection issues, and offers advice from people that have developed successful business models.

Topics covered include:
- All about contracts – from licensing to copyright assignments …
- How can you get paid? – Various payment models explained
- Moral rights
- How can you protect your work from being copied or distributed beyond the terms and conditions of your agreement?
- How can you protect your work from being deemed ‘orphaned’ – meaning it’s distributed to so many users that nobody has any idea who the copyright holder is?
- What’s the value of your work? Is there a difference between music, games, characters, photography or writing?
- Data protection

Own-it and Accelerator have invited a legal expert to explain the current legal framework surrounding distribution of content to mobiles. A successful business working in the field will talk about their business model and practice. They will answer your questions and explain how you can exploit, protect and manage your Intellectual Property in this fairly new field.

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