Building 1, 1065 La Avenida St.,
Mountain View, California 94043

For those who made it to CES this year, you will have noticed this powerful trend: the PC, the TV, the Internet and the home are converging in a very real way. Real products launched into the market don't just blur the lines between TV and PC, but in fact make it increasingly clear that any screen is just a screen, and the content will come from both broadcast, unicast, and from within the home.

Of course, screens and media are just a part of the Connected Home. Media sharing, photo display, home security, cameras, HVAC control, entry control, family organization and communication, are all becoming inextricably entwined. What does the Digitally Connected Home mean to your business, and where are the opportunities and threats? Our meeting will dive into the products, the ideas, the complicated web of service providers, and the great things we'll see in the home of the future...a future which isn't that far away.

Join us for a look at:

*Internet services and web content throughout the home
*Home Control
*Devices, hardware, hubs, servers, terminals, frames, storage, screens...
*Networking solutions: Wi-Fi, HomePlug, Phoneline, etc.
*3 screens, virtualization, and unified communications...

Free for Telecom Council members, $200 for non-members.

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